YouTube is “demonetizing” non-advertiser-friendly videos

A number of YouTubers are publicly complaining that their videos are being censored for inappropriate content these days. This will result in “demonetizing” (YouTube’s words), which means YouTubers cannot earn money from these videos. It’s a disaster for those who make a living through content creation on YouTube.


The furore comes from YouTube’s latest policies that state what kind of content is inappropriate for advertising. For example, sexually suggestive content, violence, vulgar language, promotion of drugs, controversial or sensitive subjects. Once you trigger any of them, the video may not be approved for monetization. Even if monetization is approved, your video may not be eligible for all available ad formats.


How YouTube determines whether a video is suitable?

YouTube’s system is smart, and it can automatically detect the property of a video, like the title, metadata and visual imagery. It’s the first step to determine whether a video is suitable for general advertising. Also, YouTube relies on its community members to flag inappropriate content.


In addition, YouTube pays attention to its brand advertisers. When an advertiser reports your video under the campaign tool, YouTube will review your video and then reserve the right to disable monetization on your video if it is against advertiser-friendly policies.


Bear in mind that videos can be removed from the site or age-restricted depending on the nature of the policy violation. If your video is age-restricted, it will not be eligible for monetization and also won’t be shown in certain sections of YouTube.


Request manual review

If your video has been flagged as non-advertiser-friendly content, and you believe that your video doesn’t violate YouTube’s policies, you can follow the steps to request a manual review.

  1. Go to Video Manager of your channel;
  2. Click on the yellow dollar sign;
  3. Follow the instructions to submit it for review.



Complaining never makes anything better. Now it’s a good time to remind creators that there are other platforms to monetize your videos. Such as Vimeo, Twitter and so on.

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