Time to monetize your videos on Twitter

Twitter is now providing creators with the ability to monetize video content on its platform. The new revenue program, The Amplify Publisher Program, allows approved creators in the US to run pre-roll ads against the content, and in return receive a share of the ad revenue.


Three major benefits of the program

Firstly, Twitter claims it is an industry leading revenue share model. Although Twitter does not specify the actual numbers regarding the revenue share, CNBC reveals that there is an approximately 70-30 split. In other words, creators can get about 70 percent of the ad revenue, which is higher than YouTube’s 50% revenue share.


Flexibility is another feature. Program participants can either adjust Tweet-by-Tweet, or pre-set monetization for all of their videos. This is the same as the benefit of YouTube.


In addition, creators are able to opt-in content for monetization 100% non-exclusively. It means creators can choose to monetize it on Twitter as well as other platforms.


How to apply?

Anyone can apply, but before participating, you should meet the following criteria: US users aged 18 or older; Twitter account in good standing.


  1. Go to https://twitter.twimg.com/AmplifyOpen2016
  2. Fill out the information and submit
  3. Twitter will evaluate your eligibility. Once approved, you can start earning.


Usually, for a new revenue sharing video site, it will be easy to cash in with the traffic exchange method during the initial days. However, it is recommended that promoting your videos via legit traffic sources in case of getting unpaid or banned.


Official tools

Twitter has launched a wide variety tools for content creators in recent months. For example, Niche, a professional network for social media creators to analyze, grow and monetize their audience. Also, content creators can manage and publish media efficiently and effectively across both desktop via the Media Studio and mobile via the Twitter Engage app.

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