Seeds SDK lets developers to monetize their apps

In this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt London, Seeds released its drag-and-drop SDK for app developers to increase their revenues. With the free tool, developers are allowed to integrate social good contributions directly into their apps, and earn money via in-app purchases.


The SDK supports Unity, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire OS. Besides, it takes only a few minutes to set up. After integration, there will be an interstitial dialog related to your in-app items in your application. It tells your app users that their purchases will help fund a microloan to an entrepreneur in the developing world.


Seeds says that it is targeting 97% of app users who are non-payers. In addition, the company finds that a social good purchase makes it 58% more likely that a non-payer will spend first dollar in an app. Therefore, the platform can inspire users to spend money and boost revenues by up to 33%.


Commission for an in-app purchase

Seeds gives an example for any iOS app. If the purchase is $10, the App Store‎ takes 30% of a purchase without doubt. The remaining $7 will be divided into three parts: $1 for Seeds, $2 for the microloan, and $4 for you.


Currently, a lot apps has partnered with Seeds, such as Habitica, Amazon, iScape, Mini Golf Stars 2, Filterzilla, Bankroo, MeetMindful, Boxscore Games and more.


How to get start?

Seeds is free to join. Developers can sign up on its website, and then receive your app keys to integrate Seeds into your apps. The company also provides different SDK guides based on app’s technology for developers.

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