Ready to monetize emoji web domains?

As we all know, a domain name may contains letters, digits and dashes, but have you ever imagined that one day you’d have an emoji-based domain name for yourself? Today, GoDaddy makes your dreams come true.


GoDaddy, a well-known Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, has released a search engine, called ❤❤❤.ws these days. People are able to search and register emoji-based domain names on this site.


According to the history of emoji domains, “☃.com”, the first emoji domain, was registered in 1995, and the registry closed the registration of emoji domains soon. Currently, .WS is the only Top Level Domain (TLD) that accepts emojis. It means you cannot get emoji domain names from .COM, .NET and other TLDs.


Worry about compatibility?

Emoji domains are compatible with all browsers, so people can visit the site via typing emojis in the address bar of a browser. Additionally, emoji domains are fully Google compatible, which means Google will display the URL in emoji format instead of unknown characters. Of course, domains are also compatible with other GoDaddy’s services like SSL, email forwarding and more.


Monetize emoji domains

Domain monetization is a profitable online industry, and it’s not a novelty today. However, emoji domains are the first time open to public. If you invest some interesting and meaningful emoji domains in the early days, you may sell them for big cash profits in the near future.


Except resale, emoji domains can also be monetized in various ways, including domain parking, domain leasing, etc. What’s more, developing a website with affiliate networks  is also a smart choice.



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