Not only is Snapchat monetizing Spectacles

Snap Inc., the owner of Snapchat, is selling its $130 video sunglasses via a pop-up vending machine today. The company’s first hardware product is called Spectacles, and the only way to get a pair is by purchasing directly from Snapbots. The unconventional retail model leads to a spectacular debut today, with hundreds of young fans lining up at the first Snapbot in Venice Beach.


Without a doubt, the current stock of Spectacles is already sold out. The unique distribution strategy is more like a marketing tactic than a sales push. Snap makes a successful step to towards introducing and selling Spectacles.


However, not only is Snapchat making money through Spectacles, many people are also monetizing the product. Several guys who bought Spectacles today have listed them on EBay. The average Buy-It-Now price is already going for as much as $1,000.


With the spread of the topic, people have a strong desire to know more about Spectacles. Videos convey information quickly, and are more intuitive than text. That’s why a lot people create videos of Spectacles reviews, and gain huge views in only a few hours. Creators may earn another pair of Spectacles via their videos in the first day.


About Spectacles

According to the official website, Spectacles are designed to work with Snapchat only. It is able to record 10-second video Snaps, which comes in three colors: Black, Coral, and Teal. Currently, specs are $129.99 plus tax, and are available to purchase from Snapbots in US. Also, the company will add vending machines to its official map 24 hours in advance of arrival.

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