End Screens help YouTubers to engage viewers

YouTube officially launches a new feature, End Screens, for its creators. It’s designed to keep viewers engaged after a video ends. To be more specific, creators can add thumbnail overlays to their videos, and end screens will display during the last 5-20 seconds of a video.


With End Screens, YouTubers are able to prompt viewers to watch your other videos and playlists for sure. In addition, you can encourage subscriptions to your channel, and promote your website, approved merchandise and crowdfunding campaigns through the feature.


Creators are used to add Annotations to enrich the video experience, but Annotations only appear on desktop devices. Now it’s no longer necessary to use Annotations, because the new End Screens are much easier to use and will show on both desktop and mobile.


How to add End Screens?

  1. Go to YouTube Creator Studio>Video Manager> Videos;
  2. Choose the video you want to add, and click Edit;
  3. Click End Screens in the top tab bar;
  4. You can add up to 4 elements to a video, and one of them must be a video or playlist. Of course, you may also use predefined templates or copy settings from other videos;
  5. Adjust and then Preview your end screens.


Currently, YouTube does not allow End Screens and Annotations to exit at the same time. If you are going to add an end screen to a video, you’ll need to unpublish annotations of the video first. Moreover, creators can track their End Screens’ performance in the YouTube Analytics section.

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