eBay’s new smartphone trade-in program: Quick Sale

eBay launches a new online marketplace today, called Quick Sale, which aims to help people sell their existing smartphones for cash. With the release date of the newest iPhone confirmed, customers are already selling their used phones, so the program comes just ahead of iPhone7 launch.


How does it work?

Quick Sale is powered by eBay Valet, which lets professional sellers trade your items on your behalf and handle the hassles for you, including listing, selling and shipping. In addition, you will get paid after your phone is received and approved by a Valet seller. That means you don’t need to wait for your item being sold. Moreover, Quick Sale won’t charge any fee. It’s really simpler and better than before for people to sell their previous generation phones.


To be more specific, there are only 6 steps for customers to sell their phones on the site:

  1. Go to http://www.ebay.com/s/quicksale/phone;
  2. Provide specific details about your phone, such as brand, model, capacity, condition etc;
  3. Click Sell it with Quick Sale button and instantly get a quote;
  4. Accept the offer and you will receive a free shipping label from eBay;
  5. Send your phone to eBay Valet for verification;
  6. Once approved, you will receive payment within 48 hours. If not, eBay will send it back to you at no charge.


In order to get approved by eBay Valet, your phone should be in good condition, worth more than $100. Besides, super older model phones or illegal items are ineligible for Quick Sale.


Quick Sale is not quick

eBay says there are over 164 million buyers on its platform, and smartphone are sold every 4 seconds. However, the whole process from shipping to getting paid takes approximately 7-10 days. Compared to some local classified advertisements sites like Craigslist and Kijiji, Quick Sale is not that quick to sell items within 1-2 days.


Quick Sale is not the only one smartphone trade-in program in the market. It will also compete against same programs provided by Apple, mobile operators and other online marketplace sites.

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