Bing Pong has been taken down in response to Microsoft

Bing Pong is one of the best Microsoft Rewards bots to earn points automatically. However, the web-based bot was called off in response to a cease-and-desist letter from Microsoft just a few days ago. At the same time, the creator of Bing Pong also took down the subreddit on Reddit.


Microsoft is aggressively promoting its Bing search engine and Edge browser via Microsoft Reward Program this year. So it’s understandable that the Microsoft fraud detection team is taking steps against hacking bots. Fortunately, Microsoft won’t take any further action against Bing Pong, because the creator has closed the site and deleted the source code on GitHub without delay.


“It was a fun ride and I couldn’t ask for a better community behind Microsoft Rewards and my bot. It was a true pleasure working on it to serve all of you bot, but sadly, all things must come to end. Good luck on your future Microsoft Rewards endeavors!” The creator of Bing Pong says on Reddit.



For those who had already bought the Bing Pong Helper license, the creator would refund all purchases made with Google Wallet within the last 30 days. If you had purchased its paid service via the other payment method within the time, you could contact the creator through private message on Reddit.


Where to now?

Bing Pong is no more; it’s time to find alternatives, such as Bingger, Pogo Cheats. In addition, YABRB is a mobile app designed to perform rapid searches to meet daily rewards goals. Interestingly, the maker of YABRB announces that he will shut down the bot as well if he receives a notice from Microsoft.


If anyone is good at coding and interested in auto-farming, you can make your own bot through exploring similar open source on GitHub. Besides, it is relatively safe to run your self-developed software.

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