Outlook Customer Manager: a lightweight CRM


Microsoft is rolling out a new Office 365 built-in tool today, called Outlook Customer Manager. As the name implies, it’s a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps business owners to easily track and grow customer relationships.


Outlook Customer Manager gives users a comprehensive view of customer interactions and history, and tracks tasks and deals in progress directly in Outlook. With the tool, business owners can get all data about a certain customer in one place. In addition, its pop-up timely reminders help users stay on top of their customer relationships.


Currently, the tool is available for Office 365 Business Premium subscribers at no additional cost. Outlook Customer Manager also provides an iOS mobile app for all eligible subscribers to quickly access. According to Microsoft, the company will bring the tool to E3 and E5 subscriptions soon. Also, Microsoft will develop mobile apps for other mobile platforms in the future.


Easy to use

Users can access to Outlook Customer Manager just in one click from your Outlook’s home tab. That means you do not need to install any other software. If your data stays in Office 365, you can directly use it instead of transferring data. Because Outlook Customer Manager is a built-in tool, you also avoid to waste time on training your team to get started.


For those who want early access, Office 365 Business Premium subscribers should set up the Standard or First Release options in Office 365. You can see this page and its FAQ page for more details.



Outlook Customer Manager is an affordable and lightweight CRM tool, which is mostly targeted towards small businesses. If your business grows larger or you need enhanced customer information with deeper insights, you should seek out a full-fledged CRM platform. For example, you can upgrade to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, or other third-party CRM tools like Salesforce, Zoho and more.

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