3 Microsoft Rewards bots to earn points automatically

Bing Rewards is renamed Microsoft Rewards, which allows users to earn credits through performing a variety of online activities. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, Microsoft Store credit, and more.


If you’re tired of spending time on Microsoft Rewards’ daily tasks, or you want to hack more, a bot will auto farm for you. There are three best bots for Microsoft Rewards.


Bing Pong

Bing Pong is a feature-rich and web-based robot for Microsoft Rewards. It’s free and easy to use; with the push of a button, the bot will automatically gain points for you. In addition, it supports different operating systems and browsers, and lets users run up to 5 accounts at the same time. After installing its Bing Pong Helper, you can unlock more features.


Currently, Microsoft Rewards gives points for those who use its Microsoft Edge browser. Thus, the bot owner is working on the Edge version of Bing Pong Helper.


Bing Rewards Bot

Bing Rewards Bot is also a site like Bing Pong, but it only automatically searches on Bing to earn points. The latest version of the bot offers an option to use either dictionary words or top keywords when searching. Its keywords pool comes from those mainstream search engines, and is updated twice per day.



Bingger is free software for desktop users, focusing on Bing searching. It was the most popular bot during the period of Bing Rewards program, because it offered lots of features, such as automatic Captcha solving, optional Proxy settings, unlimited accounts and other custom settings.


The bot has not updated for a long time, but the developer announces on Facebook that he is working on a Bingger updated and it will be done soon.


Use bots at your own risk

Since last year, Microsoft has been banning some users for utilizing bots to earn points. Cheaters can be detected via clicking patterns, mouse movements, touch gestures etc. Also, some bots are set up to steal your account info, like email accounts, bank details. Therefore, you should use bots carefully, and at your own risk.

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