Lookalike Audiences tool helps businesses target global customers

Facebook launches a new ad-targeting tool, Lookalike Audiences, for businesses of all sizes to reach overseas audiences. Previously, if a business would like to target new audiences in other countries, the business has to obtain the traits of its existing customers first, and manually do the rest. Now the Lookalike Audiences tool can save your time and effort, and the targeting result will be more accurate.


The tool is not only for those who want to grow internationally, but also for anyone to reach advertising objectives. For example, a blogger can drive more traffic to his or her website by targeting people who are similar to those who have visited the website. Also, app owners can increase adoption of their mobile apps by the same way.


How to use it?

  1. Go to Ads Manger on Facebook, and click Audiences;
  2. Click Create Audiences button in the top left and then choose Lookalike Audience from the dropdown;
  3. Choose your source which could be a Custom Audience, a conversion tracking pixel, or a page;
  4. Select the country for your lookalike audience;
  5. Choose your desired audience size which ranges from 1% to 10%, with 1% being those who most closely match your source;
  6. Click Create Audience. Now you can use the lookalike audiences for your ads.



Currently, the Lookalike Audiences tool can only include people from the country you specify. In other words, it can only target one country at a time.


100 and more people from a single country should be contained in your source, otherwise the tool cannot generate similar audience for you.


Users can also create a set of lookalike audiences via advanced options. This will let you to bid differently for audiences with different conversion values. Besides, you don’t need to wrong that the audiences you create are overlapping.


After you create the lookalike audiences, it takes 6 to 24 hours to complete. Also, your lookalike audiences will update automatically every 3 to 7 days when you make any change to the source.


Facebook is also providing some useful resources for businesses to optimize their global campaign strategy. Such as Webinars, Business Handbook, Facebook IQ etc.

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