Glassdoor’s tool tells your earning potential

Do you know your personal market value in today’s job market? Are you thinking you deserve more money at your current job? Glassdoor’s online tool, called Know Your Worth, will tell you if you are underpaid.


Know Your Worth is a free online salary estimator, based on Glassdoor’s massive database and third-party sources. Currently, the tool is aimed at U.S. employee only, because all collected information comes from millions of U.S. workers. However, it still has a certain reference value for users in other countries.


Get your estimate

To get started, the tool asks you for job title, employer, current salary, location, years of relevant experience and any additional compensation like cash bonus, stock, commissions, tips, etc.


After that, the result page will show your market value and tell whether your current pay is below your estimated worth. There is a simple chart on the page, which tracks your estimated market value over time. According to the chart, you will also see a comparison against the market value of the typical person working in your same job title and location.


Are you paid fairly? If not, it’s time to negotiate a pay rise. In some cases, employer will refuse your request or you are still not satisfied with the forthcoming pay. Therefore searching for a new job will be a better option. Glassdoor also provides a few open jobs for you, which match your career trajectory and estimated salary.


Of course, Know Your Worth can only offer an estimate. Some demographic data has not been included, such as gender, age, education and more, but Glassdoor may add these factors into its future version.

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