Play Crypto-City and earn 72,000 Satoshi each day [expired]

Crypto-City Game is a new Bitcoin faucet, which allows people to earn small amounts of Bitcoins for free. Currently, the site rewards its users 500 Satoshi for playing every 10 minutes. Equivalently, it means you can obtain 72,000 Satoshi per day without any investment.


How to play and earn

At first, you need to sign up for an account of to get started. Registration is easy and free of charge, but you have to enter your bitcoin wallet address in the process. Keep in mind that you cannot change this Bitcoin wallet address unless you access to the company’s support.


After registration, it will provide you one free building in game. This building will automatically generate 500 Satoshi every 10 minutes. Once the balance reaches 500 Satoshi, enlisting will stop. Then you should click the building and enter a Captcha to obtain rewards. The amount will be transferred to your main balance, and Satoshi charging will start again.


The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC (10,000 Satoshi). Payments will be credited on your Bitcoin wallet instantly as long as you make a withdrawal.


Of course, you are able to buy up to 15 kinds of building in game to earn more. Any paid building will bring you double from the purchasing sum during a different validity period. For example, the highest cost of building, Oil Factory valued at 100 BTC, will generate 200 BTC just in 6 days.


Referral System

Play Crypto-City Game also offers a referral program. The program gives an opportunity to earn 10% from the income which your friends have though playing the game. What’ more, if the participant who invited by you buys new buildings in game, you will also get 10% from his or her purchase. You can find out your referral link and track earned bonuses in the Referral Office.


Tips and Tricks

The first trick is that you actually do not have to wait for the counter to reach 500 Satoshi. To be more specific, when the counter hits to 430/500 and above, you are allowed to click and it will still give you 500 Satoshi.


It is also possible to create multiple accounts to hack more, but all accounts should be under different IPs via VPN like CyberGhost. Although you need different email address to create accounts, you can put the same BTC wallet address.



So far Crypto-City Game is legit, because lots of people do earn BTC from the site. However, it is too young, whose domain is just registered on 30th October, 2016. You do not know whether the site can make a healthy profit to run for a long term. Therefore it is advisable for users to withdraw immediately once the balance reaches the minimum amount.

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