Ourdata: Get paid by using its ad blocker

Recently, a new ad blocking app declares it is the first ad blocker that pays its users. Also, it promises to reward users estimated $100 membership shares just for signing up.


About Ourdata.us

Ourdata is an ad blocker that profits from allowing advertisers to get their ads unblocked. It promises that users can earn 90% of its profits by using the ad blocker. So far, Ourdata has an IOS app for iPhone (5s and above) while they are working on the Android app and web browser extensions.


The Payout system works based on number of shares. In order to reward earlier members, first 10,000 users can receive 10K membership shares with an estimated value of $100 dollars. However, you cannot cash out the shares right now, because Ourdata won’t pay anyone until it has enough customers.


According to Ourdata’s official FAQ page: “The first step is to grow the community. The larger the Ourdata community the more value we can return to consumers. Once we reach a critical mass of users, we will forge partnerships with advertisers who will pay for access to your data. In the period immediately following the receipt of funds from our advertising partners, we will distribute 90% of the profits to our members on a per share basis.”

membership shares


Worth a try?

Lots of sites like this pop up from time to time, and die eventually. It seems too good to be true, but it’s still worth a try. Even if you’re skeptical, you can just sign up with a email as there’s nothing to lose.


How to sign up on desktop?

Step 1: Go to Sign-up page, and click “Create a free account”;

Step 2:Fill out the form with referral code Vincent7 to earn more shares;

Step 3: Confirm your identity with a verification code sent to your mobile phone;

Step 4: You’re signed up. Don’t forget to check your email inbox, and get your own referral code.

How to sign up Ourdata


About the referral system

Every time you refer a friend you get 50 bonus shares. When you get to 10 referrals, you earn an extra 50 shares per referral. Plus, all the people you referred get their bonus shares doubled too.

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