Get rewarded by using Microsoft Edge browser

Bing Rewards, a Microsoft’s point-earning program, is well known by a lot of US people. It allows users redeem great rewards by using Bing search engine. Currently, the program is rebranded as Microsoft Rewards, and users can also earn points by browsing with Microsoft Edge.


How to start earning with Microsoft Edge

  1. Sign into your Windows 10 device with the same Microsoft account used for your Microsoft Rewards membership.


  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser and earn for every hour of active browsing, up to 30 hours a month. The monthly limit may increase in the future.


  1. Set Bing as your default search engine on Microsoft Edge. If not, you are not eligible to earn points.


  1. Check the Microsoft Rewards Dashboard to see how many points you’ve earned. Points earned today will be updated on your rewards dashboard the next day. The monthly earning cap is reset the last day of the calendar month at 11:59 PM your local time.


  1. Keep earning until you have enough points to redeem what you want. Points can then be traded for gift cards, Microsoft Store credit, or entering exclusive sweepstakes.

Microsoft Rewards


Tips & Tricks

At present, only US residents located in the US are eligible for the program. If you are interested in it but living in other country, a US VPN would be your choice to access. However, you have violated Microsoft’s rules by this method. So it may lead to fail to claim rewards or result in a ban.


Besides, as a tech-savvy, do you plan to run multiple Edge browsers at same time to monetize? Unfortunately, you should take these two conditions about active browsing into account. Because only both of them are met, you can earn points.

  1. Microsoft Edge browser is in view on your desktop and the icon is highlighted on the taskbar;
  2. You’re actively engaging with the browser (mouse movements, clicks, touch gestures, keyboard presses, or presentation mode).


At last, Microsoft Edge browser is actually pretty good, especially for those pursue browsing speed on a Windows 10 device. Also, some interesting features bring a new way for users to experience the web.

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