Bitwalking App: Get paid to walk and run

Bitwalking, an Android app, allows everyone to earn its Walking Dollars (W$) by your steps. W$ can be considered as a form of digital currency, but it’s unlike others that are mined by computers. Bitwalking records users’ movements and counts steps; walkers will earn roughly 1 W$ for 10,000 steps. Users can spend W$ at the Bitwalking’s in-app marketplace, or trade them for cash.


At current, the app is only available for Android phones, but Bitwalking will support more platforms soon, such as wearable devices and iOS devices. In addition, both iOS and Android users are able to join its Bitwalking Beta Program and test new features before they are generally available.


How to join and earn by walking?

  1. Download Bitwalking on Google Play;
  2. Install it and sign up;
  3. Complete the verification process and sign in;
  4. Ready to walk and earn W$. Bitwalking will automatically convert your movement to W$, and you can check your daily achievement anytime. Also, your W$ accumulate each day and remain in your account until transferred or spent.


Tips and Tricks

The app not only allows you to generate money by walking, but also running works. Moreover, there is no need to stay on the app’s interface, which means it will keep working once you have not terminate the background process.


Although Bitwalking says that you can use it without internet connection for limited period of time, it’s better for you to connect your device to the internet at all time when walking or running.


Bitwalking has its own algorithm to verify users’ movements, but the most important element must be GPS position. So it is possible to hack W$ via some GPS fakers. For tech-Savvy users, you can try to run multiple accounts and simulate movements on desktop to spoof. However, you should also consider other elements, such as Wi-Fi connections, daily rewards limit, phone serial number and more. Otherwise you may get banned by Bitwalking.

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