Free Seagate 2TB hard drive for Lyve users

Lyve is shutting down, and its customers will no longer be able to use the service from December 31st, 2016. To say goodbye, Lyve is giving away free hard drives for its primary users to store photos and videos as a parting gift.


As a Lyve Home or Lyve Studio owner, you are eligible to receive a free Seagate 2TB external hard drive. To redeem the gift, you should visit the offer page and verify your email address. Once you have confirmed your Lyve account email, the hard drive will be shipped to you in 2-4 weeks at no cost.



  1. Only primary users are eligible for this offer, not secondary users.
  2. Only one hard drive per Lyve Home or Lyve Studio device. But if you own more, you are able to redeem the same quantity of gifts.
  3. There is no specific deadline for this offer, but it’s better to claim before the end of 2016.
  4. For people getting trouble with email verification, you can call Lyve’s customer support. After you provide proofs like a screenshot of the serial on the device, they will submit the order for the 2TB hard drive.

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